Selection process

After we get your application or somebody recommends you for a specific position in Trikoder, we review your CV and get in touch with you. Our main points to discuss are information you want to know about the position or the team you’re applying for, but also to learn more about your good sides and see how do you fit into our team.

Our stages of selection process differ from position to position but usually they include

  • 01

    Culture fit interview

  • 02

    Practical assignment

  • 03

    Technical interview

It’s important to us to see how do you solve problems and your motivation for the job. Of course, feel free to ask us anything during phone or live interviews, we are happy to answer all your questions.
Our selection process is not so short, but we can offer you quality discussion with our tech experts and a possibility to learn more during the process.

What happens
after you get a job?

It’s onboarding time! Onboarding is structured and lasts up to 6 months. On your first day, you will meet your mentor who will guide you through your first 6 months and who will be your main point of contact. Your mentor will also provide you and onboarding plan with tasks for introduction in our processes, technology and tools. Your onboarding plan is constantly evolving as you advance your skill set, and you review it with your mentor on status review meetings.

In your first couple of months, you will get a chance to meet persons from different development or business departments through onboarding presentations. The goal of onboarding presentations is to provide you with the scope of our project and plans for the future.
After that, you get your own competency evaluation and an individual development plan.

We have technical competencies for every position in Trikoder, and they are divided into three levels (junior, middle, senior). Besides that we have our Trikoder competencies which are more oriented on soft skills and we consider them very important. They are evaluated through feedback from your colleagues.