Technology overview

In a nutshell, it is a web application framework, not unlike some others you might have heard of. However, the Trikoder framework has a bundle of specific additions which allow us to deliver top of the line applications in different business environments, such as portals, classifieds or webshops, without sacrificing the general purpose and ability to rapidly develop any class of high-performance web applications.

From the technical standpoint, the Trikoder framework is an MVC framework developed in PHP 5, it is fully object oriented and has been tried and tested using MySQL and PostgreSQL, but it is not bound to any specific database. It supports rapid development features such as automatic data layer generation and automatic administration interfaces. It also features a fully fledged extension and component systems, making code reutilization and system design almost an effortless process.

All applications we have developed, no matter how much they differ from one another, are based on the Trikoder framework. The same technology platform powers high performance news portals vecernji.hr, zurnal24.si and vijesti.me, as well as the largest Croatian classifieds platform njuskalo.hr, new Austrian and Slovenian cooking portals ichkoche.at and jazkuham.si, new job portal and business network hybrid bika.net, Croatia's largest photo agency website pixsell.hr, and weather portal vrijeme.net, just to mention few.

Each of these implementations is either a market leader or one of the most important “players” on that particular market, and most of them handle traffic by orders of magnitude larger than that of their direct competitors.

Our technology can take extreme traffic loads and still work without a glitch, which is often a problem with other technologies, especially those with which most of the developers have only secondhand familiarity, i.e. when they were not the core developers of the platform themselves.

It is also important to point out that all these achievements are being accomplished without a large number of servers used. Some of the projects mentioned herein work on a single application server, and none of them works on more than three.

No web project is ever truly finished in a way that no new features will ever be needed. That is the nature of web as a rapidly changing and evergrowing medium. In these circumstances it is crucial that the technology platform is easily extensible without sacrificing its stability and robustness, and that there is nothing at all that is impossible to implement.

This is where our platform excels. Large new features are implemented and pushed out to production on the weekly basis for most of our largest projects. That allows our clients' businesses to easily outrun any competitors in their attempt to close the technology gap, as well as the ability to set the pace of the technology race.

New media devices, like smartphones and similar, are seamlessly incorporated in all of our applications since our technology base is open-ended. It is only natural for it to grow and adapt to new media and formats. We have been developing iOS and Android applications that use the contents of existing web applications, without any need for further modifications, just by adding new templates to a presentation layer.

The Trikoder framework has all of the standard rapid development features like code generation, automatic administration interfaces, a highly versatile abstracted data layer, component design, templating, and so on. However, all of these features are developed with developers in mind and are designed to offer maximum rapid development potential without limiting the developers' freedom to choose the optimal system design for the task at hand.

Our technology is developed in such a way that we can use it to rapidly develop any class of applications, and to develop even more rapidly any application type that we have already developed before (news portals, classifieds, webshops, etc.).

This is where we really stand out. The state-of-the-art technology itself is not sufficient, since it is not the tool that does the work, but rather the hand that wields that tool. We possess the expertise in a variety of web application classes, which is very rare in the web industry, especially when talking about areas so drastically different as portals and classifieds systems, while featuring web applications that are the market leaders in their respective fields.

We have developed a large variety of web applications and never encountered anything that could not be done one way or another. When we say that it can be done, you can be sure that we have already done most of it before at the highest level, and that we are well aware of all the pitfalls.

While we have the capacity to perform any technical task required, it is you who have the vision of what you want to achieve. This is crucial and without it no great project can be accomplished. However, among web development companies, it is more common that technology forces client’s vision to fit the mould suitable for that particular technology and not the vision itself. We do not do that and we are quite proud of it.

Our service is to create whatever you have envisioned without ever limiting you with the technology. Basically, if we need to invent or bend something because you need a certain feature, we will do that. We feel that this is one of our strongest points and certainly one worth stating.

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