We have been developing some of the biggest Croatian portals and we are currently the only Croatian web development company that has developed more than two news portals that are either market leader or among top news portals in four different countries (vecernji.hr, zurnal24.si, vijesti.me).

Vecernji.hr is a richly featured news portal featuring component based design, multimedia rich content, multiple display variations that are easily and quickly switched by editors when need arise (breaking news, developing story, etc.). Multimedia in every form (images, videos, etc.) are native to this platform. The same platform was used to develop vijesti.me, the leading news portal in Montenegro which doubled its traffic within three months of relaunch using Trikoder technology.

The same technology platform was also used to develop the rest of our “news portal fleet” regardless of their respective peculiarities – like zurnal24.si with their trademark collage homepage feature that required development of custom specialized backend user interfaces to allow editors quick and effortless content publishing in that particular format. We feel that this is a good illustration of diversity that our technology can provide for news portals implementations.

Also, the cooking portal platform with distributed content sharing and centralized content translation system was developed using the same basic platform. Its first implementation was ichkoche.at – one of leading Austrian cooking portals, and later jazkuham.si – its Slovenian counterpart.

Last but not least important is bika.net, an employment website and business network portal. Its highly developed social networking features and selection processes automation make it unique in Croatian web space. It goes without mention that the same basic technology was used as in previous examples.

We have developed njuskalo.hr, the leading Croatian classifieds portal, leading not only in overall classifieds business, but also in specialized sections for cars and real estate. It is also ranked among the top four Croatian websites with respect to the reach, and it is number one regarding page views count.

Its first competitor’s monthly traffic is lower by an order of magnitude. It features all the "classic" classifieds features, like hierarchical browsing, specialized ad classes, each of which has its own specialized set of data, its own specialized filters and search features and, of course, its own specialized display, where one ad class can be completely different from another. It can include completely new features (for example, Google Maps or 3D panorama views for flats or houses, and so on) and any kind of multimedia is natively supported.

It also features a specialized end-user backend with a large number of advanced inventory keeping options, integration with SAP, integration with external services such as Eurotax, automated content exchange, the prepaid and postpaid business model support, and so on.

We feel it is also important to mention the business model itself. There is no magic "one size fits all" business model for classifieds and it is a fair bet that any other implementation of our classifieds technology would be quite different from njuskalo.hr in that aspect.

That is why we designed and developed a modular "detachable" business model logic which can be developed and suited exactly for you. We feel that it is critically important that your business does not bend and mould to suit our technology, but the other way around. Our technology should give life to your exact vision, because that vision itself is what separates your business from the multitude of others.

Ok, anything goes here and it might sound conceited, but we can develop just about anything. Using our in-house developed common technology platform, we have developed pixsell.hr, a leading Croatian photo agency website, bika.net business networking portal, jazkuham.si and ichkoche.at multilingual rapid deployment cooking portal platform, a few specialized portals specially customized for visually impaired, weather portal vrijeme.net, just to mention few.

We feel the key in developing custom-made solutions is that Trikoder provides the technological expertise and ideas, while the client has a strong vision. This is where synergy should happen and where it is crucial that we never answer any of your requests with "it cannot be done". Perhaps it cannot be done in the way you originally imagined, but we will work with you to get the original idea through.


This is the process where together we define a system that exactly matches your requirements and, more importantly, your desired features and business goals. The process roughly flows like this:

You describe features and, more importantly, goals you want to achieve and then we work out and propose a system that is, in our view, the best way to achieve them. We are talking here about the "I need a way for my admins to see newly submitted items quickly" feature requests and not about the "I need a list of items sorted by date" feature requests. The former is a goal statement, the latter is an implementation guide and, in our experience, designing a system around a goal statement yields far better results. Of course, if you insist on doing something your way, we will do it and give you all the technical advice you need in the process.

System design is a repetitive process and vaguely resembles the game of ping-pong where we produce a draft of a system, you revise it and comment on it using modern online collaboration tools, and then, after few iterations we come up with a system draft that meets your requirements. This also includes proposing a required server infrastructure and detailing a project plan.

The first impression of your website is formed in the first few seconds. It is clear that visitors cannot experience the usability and quality of the contents in such a short period of time. Creating a visually appealing and fast loading site can ultimately affect the visitors' perception about your company and your product.

Whether you use the Trikoder technology to run your website or not, we can provide you with design and rich media production services that comply with modern standards. We can deliver an intelligent and functional solution tailored to fit your business needs, no matter if you are building a news portal, social network, corporate website or something completely different.

The process consists of client's initial input, based on which we can begin with research and brainstorming. After studying and getting familiar with the technical solution which will run your project, all creative and technical ideas (such as the use of animation and effects) are put together into a detailed project specification which becomes a “bible” for creating a comprehensive layout and wireframes. After the process of creating wireframes, we go into details: adding shapes, colors, details and graphic elements, which will account for the comfortable end-user experience and professional image of your design. During this process, we always keep the client's initial goal and target audience in mind, as well as to respect the visual identity guidelines.

New devices powered by iOS and Android operating systems and especially tablets such as iPads are pushing boundaries of portable personal content delivery to areas never experienced before. Although all of our web based projects feature custom smartphone layouts, we feel that native applications for these devices are one of the most important trends in technology market today and that their importance will only grow in future months and years.
That is why Trikoder has been developing and offering a full range of native iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 applications. We are currently having more than dozen applications in stores for iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Phone 7 based systems and that number grows with each passing month.
And finally, since our expertise is not limited to “just” smartphone/tablet application development, given that we also offer full range of highly complex, high performance web based applications/platforms, we can offer you complete solutions ranging from lightweight standalone applications to applications with robust and complex server based services infrastructure.

No web project development ever truly ends in a way that no new features or modifications of existing features will ever be needed. This is due to the nature of Internet as constantly changing media. Our systems are designed with continuous improvement and modification in mind which makes maintenance an organic extension of the development process.

In our view, just as design and development phases are crucial in the initial positioning and impact of your project, so is maintenance, if not more, in keeping your business ahead of competition.

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